Course Content

Designed to provide complete insight to subject matter with explanative video, reference material and intensive quizzing.

Learning Portal

An easy to learn and interactive portal designed to provide complete 2-way interaction between the coach and students.

Teaching Methodology

Modern state-of-the-art teaching methodology using scientifically proven teaching methods such as FLIP classroom and STEM methodology.

Student Engagement

An online student community for peer to peer engagements to clarify doubts, group discussion and collaborative learning.

Our  Coaching

Coaches who are experienced and well learned with good knowledge in their respective subjects who teach with zeal and compassion.

Mentors who are domain experts with good understanding of the teaching culture and the ways of learning

Our Courses

Our courses are designed with your child in mind. Easy to learn and structured to his school needs. 

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Written in simple easily understandable language with lots of reference material and examples. 

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Well structured with lessons, explanation, video tutorials and quizzes to understand and ascertain  the knowledge of your child. .

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Straight forward

Our courses are entirely based on the school syllabus. Nothing extra or taxing for your child to learn and understand. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum have all kind of option to choose from. Bundled courses to address all critical subjects in one comprehensive curriculum or individual courses to suit your child specific needs.

Choose from a range of Bundled & On-Demand courses. 

Multi Subject Classes

All-in-one regular classes for English, Science, Computers, & Mathematics ( Class VIII to Class X)

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Every other day. (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Duration : 2 hours each
Single Subject Classes

Individual breakout classes for English, Science, Computers, & Mathematics held separately ( Class VIII to Class X)

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       Any two days in the week.
Duration : 1.5 hour each

Our Community

A vibrant community of active students and coaches who interact with each other on a day to day basis. The coaches and mentors guide them with their study, advice them on reference materials, formulate quizzes and question banks. In short provide the students an ecosystem where they can grow and flourish. 

File Vault

Keep all your child uploads such assignments, projects, worksheets and rough pads all in one secure place with easy access.


Schedule your child's time with your Mentors, Coaches and his friends for collective discussion, note comparison  and problem solving


Conducts regular chats, audio and video calls and interact with each others to understand various subjects and concepts. 


Create science and other subject projects and work on them collaboratively with each others on a regular basis.

Our Events

Special webinar events to turn the learning experience into a more meaningful exercise.  Learn and interact more with experienced Mentors and Coaches from specific field of expertise.  Tips and tricks to understand the subject matter better.

1st Feb
English Speaking & Recitation

Learn the right way to speak English with the correct pauses and pronunciations. From a domain expert in public speaking.

For all.
10:30 am
5th Mar
Lecture on Vedic Mathematics

Learn and understand the ancient method of using maths as a way of life. With introductory concept and examples.          

11:30 am
2nd Apr
Health & Safety Awareness.

Understand about Covid infections and its various implication on health and living. From a medical expert in his own words.

For all
12:00 pm

Our Background

We are a professional group of technocrats who use technology to enable teachers reach their students remotely.

Our Learning Management System are world class and are delivered across a user friendly web conferencing interface which is easy to learn and deploy. .

Just tutoring a child will not help. You need to coach and mentor them through the entire learning process. Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a student in achieving a specific academic goal. Mentorship is on the other hand all about influencing, guiding, or advising student at all stage of schooling.  Together they provide a solid base for the student to grow and prosper. And that is what Shikshak360 intends to provides.

Coaching & Mentoring
A 360 degree way of learning.

Our Contact

Contact Us and give your child a jump start in his learning process.  We will reach out to you and work with you to help your child learn, safely and securely.

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